Common Complications and Benefits of Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investing pic

Real Estate Investing

An experienced salesman and manager, Allen Fitzsimmons has served as the chief executive officer of Transitioning Forward since founding the company in 2013. Allen Fitzsimmons also studies financial markets and is an active real estate investor.

Real estate investment also offers a wide range of opportunities, from renting properties to flipping houses. A widely used investment strategy, real estate investment offers a number of complications and benefits in comparison to stock and bond investments.

One of the biggest pitfalls for inexperienced real estate investors is thinking of it as anything other than a long-term investment. Real estate is a high-risk industry and requires considerably more work than a mutual fund, especially for rental properties, which introduce variables such as tenants and ongoing repairs.

Another mistake is purchasing a house or property before determining an overall investment strategy. Understanding risk factors and deciding on a long-term strategy before looking at a single potential investment can help keep investors from getting in over their heads. Despite the risks, with good tenants or a relatively stable housing market, real estate investment can offer a stable cash flow over an extended period of time. Rental property owners also receive tax benefits and a greater degree of control over their investments than market investors.


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