Top Things to Do on Kauai – Hawaii’s Garden Island

Waimea Canyon pic

Waimea Canyon

As the CEO and founder of Transitioning Forward, Allen Fitzsimmons oversees all aspects of company business, which focuses on helping clients who are downsizing or in transition restructure their assets. When he can get away from work, Allen Fitzsimmons loves to travel, especially to destinations with warm beaches, such as Hawaii.

Kauai, one of the Hawaiian Islands, is known as the “Garden Isle” due to the tropical rainforest that covers much of the northern side and for the lush greenery and flowers everywhere. Because of this, the island has served as the location for movies such as South Pacific and Jurassic Park. Among its natural wonders are dramatic cliffs, waterfalls, canyons, and beaches, and visitors flock there for hiking, snorkeling, and lazing on the beach.

Kauai’s top attractions include the following:

Waimea Canyon, nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”
– The Na Pali Coast, a wild, 15-mile stretch of gorgeous coastal cliffs along the north shore
– The rugged Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast
– Hanalei Bay and beach for surfing and swimming
– Wailua Falls and Opaekaa Falls on the east side of the island
– Family-friendly Poipu Beach and Poipu Beach Park


The Importance of Improving Your Footwork in Tennis

Footwork in Tennis pic

Footwork in Tennis

In 2013, after a career in sales and marketing, Allen Fitzsimmons founded Transitioning Forward, a service that assists clients with all aspects of downsizing or moving. Allen Fitzsimmons has also played tennis at a high level throughout his life. He became a competitive tournament player and, later, a USPTA-certified instructor, working for more than 10 years as a tennis pro at various tennis clubs.

The secret to great success in tennis is great footwork. In order to win tennis matches, you need to make great shots. In order to make great shots, you have to move to get to the ball, to position yourself to hit it well, and to recover after hitting it. Improving the way you move your feet helps improve your game in three key ways:

1. More powerful shots. By getting into a good position, you avoid hitting the ball off balance or just using your arm, and you can put your whole body weight behind your shots.

2. Greater shot choices. When you get to the ball earlier, you have more choices in terms of the stance you assume, where you place the shot, and what stroke you use.

3. Fewer errors and higher levels of play. Improved balance, coordination, and agility will enable you to stay in points longer.

How Snorkeling Developed

Snorkeling pic


Since 2013, Allen Fitzsimmons has served as CEO of Transitioning Forward, a firm that works with clients to manage the divestment of their possessions. Away from work, Allen Fitzsimmons enjoys outdoor activities, including snorkeling.

Snorkeling is an accessible way to clearly see the world under the water using a face mask and a J-shaped breathing tube. Some snorkelers also wear fins on their feet to enhance their propulsion in the water, special vests to increase their buoyancy while snorkeling on the surface, or wetsuits to conserve body warmth when snorkeling in colder water.

Archaeological evidence suggests that thousands of years ago, hollow reeds were used as breathing tubes by sponge farmers who worked in the waters off Crete. Technological advances concentrated on providing underwater divers with supplies of air, whether in watertight balloons made from animal skins or large diving bells that trapped pockets of air that divers could breathe. These inventions were of limited utility, though, because they severely restricted a diver’s mobility.

Flexible tubes connected to the surface seemed promising until they learned that the water pressure prevented divers from drawing a breath when they descended more than a few feet. This problem was solved in the latter half of the 18th century with the development of air pumps. This line of research ultimately led to the modern self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, or SCUBA systems.

Despite all this research, modern snorkeling doesn’t differ greatly from the hollow reeds used millennia ago, with one important addition–the face mask, which permits divers to see clearly underwater. The masks used for snorkeling are the same as those used by scuba divers, with a shatter-resistant glass or clear plastic faceplate, a nylon or rubber skirt that creates a seal with the diver’s face to prevent water from seeping in, and a strap that holds it in place.

Transitioning Forward Offers Appraisal and Sales Services

Downsizing pic


Allen Fitzsimmons holds a BA in economics and political science and an MA in management. A successful entrepreneur, Allen Fitzsimmons founded Transitioning Forward in 2013.

Yard sales and flea markets are popular but inefficient ways for individuals and families to recycle clothing, appliances, furniture, and other goods while making some money in the process. Businesses also need to divest themselves of unwanted or unused furniture, equipment, and supplies, sometimes as part of moving or downsizing, or simply to clear space to accommodate new purchases.

Unfortunately for the sellers, there’s no shortage of stories of people who’ve bought items for a small sum and resold them for hundreds or even thousands of times what they paid. Indeed, collectors and dealers regularly visit yard sales and flea markets in hope of finding valuable items and buying them for far less than their actual value. The very casual atmosphere of most yard sales also opens the door to pilferage.

Transitioning Forward inventories, appraises, and sells unwanted items for clients, regardless of the reason. Key to this process is the appraisal, conducted by licensed experts and which often uncovers items of unexpected value. Another critical element of the firm’s service is its conduct of the sale itself. When appropriate, the firm markets the items professionally to a geographically diverse marketplace, rather than restrict itself to an on-site sale, and handles all aspects of each transaction, including packaging and delivery of items to purchasers.

In addition to conducting sales for clients, Transitioning Forward works with law firms and real estate professionals to appraise items for estate valuation, divorce settlements, and impending moves.