The Importance of Improving Your Footwork in Tennis

Footwork in Tennis pic

Footwork in Tennis

In 2013, after a career in sales and marketing, Allen Fitzsimmons founded Transitioning Forward, a service that assists clients with all aspects of downsizing or moving. Allen Fitzsimmons has also played tennis at a high level throughout his life. He became a competitive tournament player and, later, a USPTA-certified instructor, working for more than 10 years as a tennis pro at various tennis clubs.

The secret to great success in tennis is great footwork. In order to win tennis matches, you need to make great shots. In order to make great shots, you have to move to get to the ball, to position yourself to hit it well, and to recover after hitting it. Improving the way you move your feet helps improve your game in three key ways:

1. More powerful shots. By getting into a good position, you avoid hitting the ball off balance or just using your arm, and you can put your whole body weight behind your shots.

2. Greater shot choices. When you get to the ball earlier, you have more choices in terms of the stance you assume, where you place the shot, and what stroke you use.

3. Fewer errors and higher levels of play. Improved balance, coordination, and agility will enable you to stay in points longer.


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