Equipment Tips for Cycling Comfort and Performance

Cycling Equipment pic

Cycling Equipment

Allen Fitzsimmons leverages extensive experience in business leadership to serve as the CEO of Transitioning Forward, a company that specializes in the inventory, appraisal, and sale of assets. On top of his professional endeavors, Allen Fitzsimmons enjoys a wide range of physical activities, including cycling.

Cycling can be a great way to get exercise and experience the outdoors, but it’s crucial to have the right gear for performance and comfort. For example, a bike’s frame size can impact efficiency and safety, so it’s important to purchase a bike with an appropriately sized frame. With a mountain bike, there should be a minimum of two inches between the rider and the top tube. Road bikes require less clearance, at just one or two inches of space.

Along with frame size, the bike seat plays a significant role in cycling comfort and function. For peak performance, the seat should be positioned so that the knees are minimally bent when the pedal is at the bottom of a rotation. The seat is improperly positioned if the rider has to reach for the pedal, or lock the knees during extension. Cyclists who are concerned with comfort can also opt for padded or gel-filled seats, which ease friction and pressure.


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