How Downsizing Your Home Can Save You Money

Downsizing Your Home pic

Downsizing Your Home

Founded by Allen Fitzsimmons, Transitioning Forward is a company dedicated to making the process of moving and downsizing as simple as possible. Using his background in real estate and business, Allen Fitzsimmons has built a business that helps people sell their homes and belongings. Transitioning Forward assesses client’s needs and then takes care of all the details.

Downsizing your home can be a way to save money by minimizing your expenses. If you have gone through a life change, such as children leaving home or a job offer in a new location, moving to a smaller home can lower your expenses without sacrificing quality of life.

One major way downsizing can save you money is on mortgage payments. For many homeowners, a mortgage payment is the largest monthly bill, and moving to a more affordable home can bring those costs down. Downsizing also can lower yearly real estate taxes for considerable savings. A smaller house is also likely to require less maintenance and have lower utility bills.


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