Five Snorkeling Tips for Beginners and Experienced Snorkelers

Snorkeling pic


Entrepreneur Allen Fitzsimmons brings over a decade in sales and financial management to Transitioning Forward, a sales and appraisal company he founded in 2013. Outside his obligations to Transitioning Forward, Allen Fitzsimmons enjoys snorkeling. Inexpensive and easy to learn, snorkeling allows participants to explore the world beneath the water’s surface, but can be incredibly dangerous without taking safety precautions. The list below offers five safety tips.

1. Never go alone. A considerable number of snorkeling accidents happen to divers who choose to snorkel alone, so make sure to bring a diving buddy you can rely on. Stay close together and watch out for one another.

2. Remain close to shore. Try not to venture too far from shore, particularly if you are new to snorkeling. Venturing too far out may put you at risk of overexerting yourself, making it difficult for you to safely return to shore.

3. Be aware of your surroundings. Become familiar with the area you wish to dive in, including spots to avoid, present currents, normal water conditions, and any potential hazards. Additionally, watch your surroundings for rocky shores, potentially dangerous sea creatures, and boating traffic.

4. Purchase good equipment. Make sure you buy quality snorkeling gear that fits well, and that you know how to properly use and put on each piece of equipment. Equipment you’ll need includes a correctly fitting mask, snorkel, and fins.

5. Do not provoke marine life. Stay a safe distance from any marine life you come across and try not to disturb any reef or coral-dwelling creatures.


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