United States Professional Tennis Association

 Image: uspta.com

United States Professional Tennis Association
Image: uspta.com

Outside of his responsibilities with the Belchertown, MA-based firm Transitioning Forward, Allen Fitzsimmons is a USPTA Level 2 certified tennis teaching professional. The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) offers tennis instructors such as Allen Fitzsimmons a number of professional development initiatives, such as the High
Performance Coaching Program.

The High Performance Coaching Program gives USPTA-certified tennis teaching professionals the opportunity to improve their skills and receive instruction from some of  the country’s leading coaches. Designed to foster personal and professional growth, the program engages participants in a variety of events and focuses on providing ongoing
instruction to participants. The benefits of program participation range from monthly  coaching sessions and event-based programs to educational workshops and sessions that occur throughout the year.

Admission to the program requires USPTA approval, and applicants must meet at least one of the program’s entrance qualifications, which includes serving as a current member of the USPTA and possessing certification as a Level 1 coach in the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR). Other areas of consideration include completion of the Sports Science competency Test, current coaching involvement, and coaching history. Instructors who complete the High Performance program will receive a certification of completion from the PTR and the USPTA.


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