Tips to Improve Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Allen Fitzsimmons helps clients sell their material possessions through his business, Transitioning Forward. Based in Belchertown, MA, the company deals with the resale of personal items and real estate properties. To manage a successful business, Allen Fitzsimmons emphasizes the importance of operational efficiency.

Operational efficiency refers to the balance between input and output. The goal is to achieve the best possible results, without having to exert unnecessary effort. Some tips in increasing operational efficiency are:

1. Mapping out technology solutions – Regularly updating systems or replacing old equipment will always disrupt the workflow. To prevent this issue, it is best to create long-term tech solutions that complement business goals.

2. Investing in employee retention programs – Satisfied employees are productive. To ensure that employees are committed to their jobs, business owners need to invest in retention programs that promote professional growth.

3. Outsourcing tasks – Tasks that take too much time and resources can be outsourced to service providers. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies.


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