Traffic Analysis as a Way of Driving Business Operational Results

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Online Traffic

Allen Fitzsimmons leads Transitioning Forward as CEO and is active in real estate investing. As an entrepreneur, Allen Fitzsimmons is particularly interested in process control and operational efficiency.

For small business owners, steps toward operational efficiency begin with a detailed analysis of how customers find your business. Setting in place a consistent online traffic monitoring strategy can easily incorporate no-cost Google Analytics, which breaks down website traffic according to unique visitors and page views. It also provides data on which social media, search engine, blog, and other referral channels are generating the most traffic.

With customers gained through traditional channels, a simple survey of how they found the business, whether through word of mouth or print advertising, should be enough to indicate where resources can be most effectively allocated.

Utilizing this information effectively requires setting in place a budget that expands reach in areas that will have the most impact. For example, if Facebook marketing efforts are driving significant traffic, consider whether efforts directed toward specific demographics will expand this further.