Tips to Improve Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency
Operational efficiency

Allen Fitzsimmons helps clients sell their material possessions through his business, Transitioning Forward. Based in Belchertown, MA, the company deals with the resale of personal items and real estate properties. To manage a successful business, Allen Fitzsimmons emphasizes the importance of operational efficiency.

Operational efficiency refers to the balance between input and output. The goal is to achieve the best possible results, without having to exert unnecessary effort. Some tips in increasing operational efficiency are:

1. Mapping out technology solutions – Regularly updating systems or replacing old equipment will always disrupt the workflow. To prevent this issue, it is best to create long-term tech solutions that complement business goals.

2. Investing in employee retention programs – Satisfied employees are productive. To ensure that employees are committed to their jobs, business owners need to invest in retention programs that promote professional growth.

3. Outsourcing tasks – Tasks that take too much time and resources can be outsourced to service providers. This allows businesses to focus on their core competencies.

USTA Foundation’s Military Outreach Reunites Warriors Through Tennis

 Military Outreach pic
Military Outreach

Allen Fitzsimmons, owner of Transitioning Forward, is interested in helping people move easily through life transitions. Allen Fitzsimmons, of Belchertown, MA, is an avid tennis player in the USTA.

The United States Tennis Association works with returning military to help with the transition from military life to civilian life. There are approximately 22.7 million military veterans in the United States. USTA Foundation’s Military Outreach includes introducing tennis to wounded warriors as a form of physical rehabilitation. The Wounded Warrior tennis training offered by the USTA encourages returning military personnel to reconnect with other military veterans in sportsmanship, brotherhood, and competition.

For some of the returning military members, this is an opportunity to engage in physical activity in a non-judgmental setting with other military personnel, active and retired. For other players, it is a chance to improve their lives and connect with their families.

Sports can give veterans focus and a way to return to a more normal civilian life. The US Tennis Association’s goals with physical therapy are for the military veteran to increase physical activity while decreasing stress and social anxiety.

Why Real Estate Is a Smart Investment

Belchertown, MA
Belchertown, MA


For professional development, health and life agent Allen Fitzsimmons pursued a master’s degree in management. He also expanded his investment portfolio through real estate investments in Belchertown, MA. There are good reasons why business professionals such as Allen Fitzsimmons invest in real estate.

Real estate is considered a smart investment because of a number of factors. First, it typically has a secure cash flow. Real estate properties can be leased or rented for a specific period, thus providing regular income. Market-savvy individuals also see real estate as a way to protect their wealth from inflation. This is particularly true if the property is income-generating. Real estate investors are also awarded with various tax benefits, such as unlimited deductions for mortgage interest.

The value of real estate also generally increases over time. Unlike with dividends from stocks, dividends from physical assets do not fluctuate. Investing in real estate also gives investors a sense of pride, especially when the property has a high-yield potential. Real estate investments are tangible and stable, which is why many consider them smart investments.

Keys to Improving Velocity in the Tennis Serve

United States Professional Tennis Association pic
United States Professional Tennis Association

A respected Belchertown, MA, entrepreneur, Allen Fitzsimmons leads Transitioning Forward as CEO and provides estate inventory, appraisal, and sales solutions. Also certified as a USPTA tennis instructor, Allen Fitzsimmons has held positions as pro at a number of New England tennis clubs and taught players of all levels how to improve their games.

In today’s fast-paced game, one of the keys to success on the court is having high velocity on the serve. The wrong approach involves relying on muscle power, which consumes a lot of effort while failing to generate a serve that threatens the opponent. To attain an optimal speed, right-handed players begin with a toss that is in front of the body and slightly to the right.

Maintain a stance in which the back is not facing the court at the beginning of the serving motion. Rather, coil to a comfortable level and bend the knees deeply to maximize your movement into the shot. Remember that a significant amount of speed is generated, not from whole arm movement, but from the whip-like motion of the wrist just before the racquet hits the ball.

A key question is how far to bring the racket back and this ranges from the classic full wind up of a Pete Sampras to the shortened, jerky movement of an Andy Roddick. The key is to find a balance between exerting maximum force and retaining control, in order to stay within the lines a high percentage of the time.